Saturday, October 26

New York!!!

Jess went to New York Thursday night. She is attending a conference, but in her off time while there, she is hitting some historical sites. She will post pictures when she gets home.

Kenzie Turns 20!!

The big 2 - 0!! Kenzie is finally no longer a child.

She absolutely loves her birthday present!! What is it? A pink BB Gun (the one dad is holding in the picture).


Wednesday, August 7

Dad's 54th Birthday!!

Dad turned 54 on July 30, I felt that the cake we got him was too plain so I spruced it up a bit.


Tuesday, May 29


Well Jessi is in Europe!! She is in London until tomorrow then she will be headed to Paris. On Friday they will bored a night train to travel to Florence, Italy. From there they will go to Rome for the remainder of the trip. She will post pictures when she gets a chance!!

Thursday, April 19


Kenzie is very impatiently waiting to determine which track she will be attending!!!

Friday, March 9


Kenzie is amazing. If nursing doesn't work out she could seriously have a future in design. She recently redid the sweatshirts for the senior class and can't wait to see how they turn out! Lately she has been designing graduation announcements for friends at school. Everyone this year seems to be wanting a front and back full of pictures. Here are the ones that she has done.

Tegan Ricker (front)

Nicholette Belden (front)

Kayla Webster (front)
Samantha Sheetz (front) If you notice it isn't as good as the others. That would be because I did it.
And best for last, Kenzie's. Front


Sunday, December 4

Kenzie's Design

This is going to be the front!! (Hopefully!)

And this is going to be the back!!